About ChapterTwo®

ChapterTwo® was founded in 2010 to solve two senior executive needs: 

  • Confidentially plan ahead to proactively shape their career for the next ten + years

  • Provide a new and far more comprehensive approach for executives who ended up in transition

Since our founding we have helped more than 60 senior executives develop a new multi-year perspective for their careers. Each has been a unique situation and customized approach. The two most common outcomes are 1) having a CEO or board say we need you on our team, and will re-arrange roles to make it work, and 2) building towards a portfolio career with multiple sources of income. 

All of our new clients have come from referrals. Among those referrals have been executives below the C-Suite who have a different set of questions and needs, but still want the kind of insights and guidance that has become one of our hallmarks. Molly Macon, who has been our Client Services Director, is a classic example of someone who had an MBA and was rapidly climbing the corporate ladder only to take an extended timeout to make two children her first priority. Many of her peers are seeking a way to figure out how to return to the work force. And some of our Senior Executives want to finish all the pressures of a corporate role yet are not ready to be “retired”. So we have extended ChapterTwo® to meet these additional needs. We are also focusing more and more on planning ahead clients.

Collaboration has a lot of value. Several people focusing on a question or topic always end up with a richer outcome. With our expanded team we now have a quarterback for each client and offering with peer experience, and are able to focus other members of our team on the same client as senior advisors. It is really benefitting our clients.

We strive for innovation in how we help our clients define and fulfill their career aspirations, always being sincere, caring and authentic, and getting results. And we thank our clients and other members of our ChapterTwo® community for their referrals.