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Should you read Popular Science?  Really?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Given a chance recently to read Popular Science cover to cover, this becomes a really good question, for virtually everyone, not just early adopters, or technology types.  In my newly aware opinion, there are three strong reasons for reading Popular Science that apply to virtually everyone in leadership roles.  One gains:

  1. Information about personal health and handy breakthroughs that are real now
  2. Knowledge about business trends and discoveries that provide ideas for new business lines and services
  3. Everyone needs to network and a single issue provides months worth of discussion material

To illustrate these points, here are some highlights from the September 2015 edition.  Included:

  • How a robot will soon deliver things to your hotel room, then take a selfie with you
  • New IBM Chef Watson app that lets you pick several ingredients, then designs a creative menu for you
  • IWorkx leaf blower that is far more powerful, yet very light
  • Your history in a drop of blood — how Harvard has enabled the ability to discern your entire life history of viruses, so that you can figure out what vaccinations need boosting and better target how to attack other health issues
  • Uber Powerful — Their journey to creating driverless cars so that Uber is always cheaper than owning a car
  • Zip Line Designer — Chapter two for an airline pilot, who is using his navigational skills to design zip line courses that minimize the damage to forests
  • Do those guys with metal detectors ever find treasure?  Always wondered about that.
  • Will practicing a skill in your head make you better at it?

Popular Science, in the old fashioned print format, is very inexpensive.  Print is best way to read it, in my opinion, because you discover even more as you leaf through it.  Give it a shot.  I always have some around if you would like to give one a test drive.

– Jim Deupree

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